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We provide awareness for all people on the drugs in public. We also educate people on the social and health effects with the end goal of preventing substance and drug abuse.


The SLANA office has been working for almost three decades to keep our country safe from illicit substances. We are dedicated to finding ways to improve health, reduce insecurity, and provide economic stability in order to safeguard all of humanity from the dangers of these problems.


SLANA offers real support and fosters international methods to solving large problems. We perform this on a national scale with our nationwide campaigns and field offices.

Co-Working Spaces

Encouragement of youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Engagement allows the idle mind and space to function professionally.

Youth Drug Awareness

Create awareness and means of prevention for gateways to the usage of drugs and alcohol of the children, youth and adults.

National Health Run

The National Health Run is a 20-year-old private-public collaboration event that raises awareness about health issues in Sri Lanka.

Foreign Employment

People generally miss their loved ones when they leave for work. This program assists those leaving Sri Lanka to avoid drug/alcohol misuse.

Software Development

Promoting and teaching youth to have a basic knowledge of coding, and the opportunities available for those who pursue coding.

Monthly COVID-19 Relief

Monthly Programs to help those affected financially by supplying food rations as well as local Ayurveda health supplies in communities island-wide.



Protect the children and the people from the dangers of drugs

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