Drug Trafficking

Seizures of drugs by law enforcement agencies are one of the main indicators used to assess the level of illicit drug trafficking. Sri Lanka is also a transit point for drug trafficking and traffickers act as couriers of drugs from Pakistan and India to Europe and the West through Colombo / Male. Through out the past five years, Heroin seizures and arrest information highlight, that South West Asian Heroin (brown sugar) is mainly smuggled from India and Pakistan originating from the golden crescent region. During the last five years 58 foreigners were arrested in Sri Lanka for drug offences. This includes 28(48%) Pakistanis and 15 Indians (26%). In the year 2008 the arrestees were Pakistani, American, Maldivian, Filipino, and Afghan and Congo nationals. They were arrested for trafficking of 6.380 kg heroin and 24.5 gm of Cocaine. A total of nineteen Sri Lankan including a woman was arrested for drug offences abroad in the year 2008. Most of men were arrested in India, followed by Dubai and Kuwait. They were arrested for trafficking of 614 gm Hashish, 19.590 kg of Heroin, 18 kg of Charas and 05 Amphetamines tablets.

Source NDDCB

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